1+MG Roadmap

To meet the target of having over one million genomes sequenced by the end of 2022, in February 2020 the signatories of the 1+ Million Genomes initiative adopted the 1+MG Roadmap 2020-2022.

The Roadmap provides an overview of the tangible outcomes of the next three years. The B1MG project will support and coordinate the implementation of the Roadmap by leading up to an agreement on the infrastructure, the legal guidance and the best practices to enable data access.

However, B1MG will look also ‘beyond’ the 1+MG initiative and drive the further development of a data sharing infrastructure to ensure its sustainability. It will also and provide the means necessary for clinicians to pursue personalised medicine and benefit their patients, scientists to better understand diseases, and innovators contribute to and boost the European economy.

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The cover of the roadmap document