The 28 participating organisations have been carefully selected to provide all the expertise needed for the the project. The 1+MG Initiative signatories will be the longer term funders and implementers, so there is a close alignment between B1MG and 1+MG participants. Almost all of the 1+MG coordination team are involved in the B1MG project, either as a Work Package leader or a Governing Board member. Many B1MG partners are involved in the 1+MG working groups.

At a country level, the B1MG consortium includes partners and Governing Board members beyond the 1+MG signatories. It remains open to involve additional EU Member States and associated countries during the lifetime of the project.

Name Abbreviation Country Principal Investigator
Biobanks and Biomolecular Resources Research Infrastructure Consortium BBMRI-ERIC (Infrastructure) Michaela Th. Mayrhofer (Head of ELSI Services and Research)
Carlos III Health Institute ISCIII Spain Gonzalo Arévalo (Deputy General Director for International Research Programmes and Institutional Relations)
Centre for Genomic Regulation CRG Spain Ivo Gut (Director of the Centro Nacional de Análisis Genómico (CNAG-CRG))
Charles University CUNI Czech Republic Milan Macek Jr (Chair, Department of Biology and Medical Genetics, Second Faculty of Medicine, Charles University Prague)
CSC-IT Centre for Science CSC Finland Tommi Nyrönen (Head of Node, ELIXIR Finland)
DTL Projects DTL Projects The Netherlands Ruben Kok (Director of the DTL-Projects Foundation)
European Alliance for Personalised Medicine EAPM - Denis Horgan (Executive Director)
European Clinical Research Infrastructure Network ECRIN (Infrastructure) Jacques Demotes (Director General)
EATRIS ERIC EATRIS (Infrastructure) Toni Andreu (Scientific Director)
European Molecular Biology Laboratory (for ELIXIR, EMBL and EMBL-EBI) EMBL, ELIXIR, EMBL-EBI (Infrastructure) Serena Scollen (Head of Human Genomics and Translational Data, ELIXIR)
French National Centre for Scientific Research CNRS France David Salgado, Jacques van Helden
Hartwig Medical Foundation HMF The Netherlands Edwin Cuppen (Scientific Director)
National Health Institute Doutor Ricardo Jorge INSA Portugal Astrid Vicente (Head of the Department of Health Promotion and Non-communicable Disease Prevention)
Karolinska Institute KI Sweden Valtteri Wirta (Director of Clinical Genomics, SciLifeLab; Head of Operations, Genomic Medicine Center Karolinska)
Legal Pathways Institute for Life Science Law Legal Pathways - Jasper Bovenberg (Founder)
Lygature Lygature - Ilse Custers (Senior Program Manager)
Nationaal ICT Instituut in de Zorg Nictiz The Netherlands Pim Volkert (Coordinator of the Terminology Center and the SNOMED National Release Center)
Maarten Ligtvoet (Product Manager ART-DECOR)
National Institute of Oncology NIO Hungary Attila Patocs (Head of Department of Molecular Genetics)
National Institute for Health Development TAI Estonia Helen Lepa (Project Manager of Personalized Medicine)
University of Leuven KU Leuven Belgium Gert Matthijs (Professor at the Faculty of Medicine and Faculty of Pharmacy)
University of Ljubljana UL Slovenia Brane Leskošek (Head of Node, ELIXIR Slovenia)
University of Luxembourg UNILU Luxembourg Regina Becker (Strategy Coordinator and lead for ELSI subjects in ELIXIR Luxembourg and the Bioinformatics Core)
University of Oslo UiO Norway Eivind Hovig (Director, Center for Bioinformatics; group leader, Department of Tumor Biology, Institute of Cancer Research, Oslo University Hospital)
University Medical Centre Utrecht UMC Utrecht The Netherlands Geert Frederix (Associate Professor Health Technology Assessment (HTA), Head of the Department HTA of the Julius Center)
University of Milan UMIL Italy Matteo Chiaro (Associate Professor of Molecular Biology; Associate of CNR-IBIOM)
University of Tartu UT Estonia Andres Metspalu (Head of the Estonian Biobank, Institute of Genomics)
Uppsala University UU Sweden Bengt Persson (Director of NBIS (National Bioinformatics Infrastructure Sweden); Head of Node, ELIXIR Sweden)
University Medical Centre, Vrie VUmc The Netherlands Jeroen Belien (Associate Professor, Department of Pathology)

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