Work Packages

The tasks in the B1MG project are divided across six Work Packages (WPs).

Diagram of how the WPs contribute to the goal of the project

WP1: Stakeholder engagement

This WP will consult project stakeholders, from patient and citizen organisations to policy makers and relevant parties in academia and industry. These stakeholders will help shape the outcomes of the project, to ensure that everyone across society trusts the data sharing process, and benefits from the personalised medicine made available.

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WP2: Ethical, Legal and Social Issues (ELSI)

This WP will address the legal and ethical issues surrounding accessing and transferring personal health data. It will create a toolkit of ELSI policies and recommendations that will be the basis for sharing genomic and health data across Europe.

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WP3: Standards and quality guidelines

This WP will identify gaps and best practices to facilitate cross-border searching, linking and analysis of genomic and health data. It will produce a set of recommendations and guidelines that cover the minimal requirements for the provenance of the samples, the generation of the whole genome sequencing (WGS) and whole-exome sequencing (WES) data.

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WP4: Federate secure cross-border infrastructure

This WP will describe the infrastructure needed for secure cross-border data discovery and access in Europe. It will look at the security requirements, interoperability standards and technical components needed to enable cross-border services. WP4 will also increase technical capacity across the European Member States.

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WP5: Delivering Personalised Medicine cross-borders: Implementation in healthcare systems and societal impact

This WP will work with national healthcare systems to combine the project outcomes into the B1MG maturity level model. This will allow the healthcare systems to assess their readiness to integrate into the federated secure cross-border infrastructure (WP4) and adopt the supporting standards and recommendations (WP2, WP3 and WP4). This integration will enable them to access personalised medicine data across borders.

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WP6: Coordination Office

The Coordination Office is responsible for day-to-day project management, coordination, communication, governance and sustainability. It also operates as coordination office to the 1+MG initiative within the remits, scope and timeframe of the B1MG project.

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If you are not familiar with terms like 'Work Package', see the glossary page for the project management terms used in the project.

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