Governing Board

The Governing Board is composed of members from the 1+ Million Genomes (1+MG) signatory and observer countries. The Board is the final decision making body of the B1MG project and provides strategic guidance, with the support of the Scientific and Ethic Advisory Board and the National Mirror Groups.

The Board meets quarterly to be updated by the Coordination Office on the project progress. When feasible Board meeting are collocated with 1+MG signatories or 1+MG Working Group meetings.

The Board members can propose additional members (countries) at any time during the project. The Coordination Office will seek the approval of the Governing Board for any significant modifications to the project (e.g. change of WP plans, or reallocation of budget above €30k).

Country Member
Members from the 1+MG signatory countries
Austria Robert Scharinger (Ministry of Health)
Bulgaria Zhasmina Balabanova (Bulgarian Alliance for Precision and Personalized Medicine)
Croatia Ingeborg Barisic (Children's University Hospital Zagreb, Department of Medical Genetics and Reproductive Health)
Cyprus Carolina Stylianou (Ministry of Health)
Czech Republic Sarka Pospisilova (Masaryk University)
Estonia Angela Ivask (Ministry of Social Affairs of Estonia)
Finland Tuula Helander (Ministry of Social Affairs and Health)
Markus Perola (Finnish Institute for Health and Welfare)
Germany Dagmar Friese (Federal Ministry of Health)
Greece Dimitris Thanos (Biomedical Research Foundation Academy of Athens)
Hungary Attila Patócs (National Institute of Oncology)
Italy Antonio Federici (Italian Ministry of Health)
Latvia Davids Fridmanis (Latvian Biomedical Research and Study Centre)
Annika Smilga (Deputy) (The Centre for Disease Prevention and Control of Latvia, Register’s Management unit)
Lithania Laima Ambrozaityte (Vilnius University Hospital Santaros Klinikos)
Anželika Balčiūnienė (Ministry of Health)
Luxembourg Thomas Dentzer (Ministry of Health)
Malta Nomination in progress.
Norway Grethe Foss (Norwegian Directorate of Health)
Portugal Astrid Vicente (Instituto Nacional de Saúde Doutor Ricardo Jorge, Ministry of Health)
Manuel Santos (University of Aveiro, Institute of Biomedicine, Medical Sciences Department)
Slovenia Borut Peterlin (Slovene Ministry of Health)
Brane Leskošek (University of Ljubljana; ELIXIR-SI)
Spain Gonzalo Arévalo (Deputy General Director for International Research Programmes and Institutional Relations, ISCIII)
Sweden Sverker Lundin (Swedish Research Council)
Frida Lundmark (Swedish Innovation Agency)
The Netherlands Ruben Kok (DTL Director)
UK To be confirmed.
Members from non-signatory countries
Belgium Marc Van Den Bulcke (Sciensano)
France Bertrand Schwartz (Ministry of Higher Education, Research and Innovation)
Switzerland Adrien Lawrence (Dr Sc, Managing Director, Swiss Personalized Health Network SPHN)

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