Operational Group

The Operational Group is chaired by the Project Coordinator (Serena Scollen). It will bring together WP leaders and 1+MG Working Group (WG) leaders to monitor the project progress. It will report and make recommendations to the Governing Board on decisions that have a significant impact for the B1MG project. For non-significant decisions the Group will be the decision body. Minutes of the monthly meetings are distributed to the Board and the General Assembly, and when feasible the Group's meetings are co-located with 1+MG Coordination Team meetings.

B1MG participants
Serena Scollen (ELIXIR Hub) Project Coordinator
Denis Horgan (EAPM), Ruben Kok (DTL-Projects), Jan Korbel (EMBL Heidelberg), Toni Andreu (EATRIS) WP1
Regina Becker (UNILU), Jasper Boveberg (Legal Pathways) WP2
Ivo Gut (CRG), Jeroen Belien (VUmc) WP3
Tommi Nyrönen (CSC), Ilkka Lappalainen (CSC), Bengt Persson (UU), Sergei Beltran (CRG) WP4
Astrid Vincente (CSC), Serena Scollen (ELIXIR Hub) WP5
Juan Arenas (ELIXIR Hub), Esther Rodriguez (ISCIII) WP6
1+MG participants
Fernando Martin Sanchez (ISCIII) 1+MG WG1 Scope, stakeholders, organisation and governance
Regina Becker (UNILU) 1+MG WG2 Ethical, Legal, and Social Issues (ELSI)
Jeroen Belien (VUmc) 1+MG WG3 Common standards and minimal dataset for clinical and phenotypic data
Ivo Gut( CRG) 1+MG WG4 Good sequencing practice
Tommi Nyrönen (CSC) 1+MG WG5 Federated, secure, interoperable and privacy-respecting framework and access governance
Iñaki Imaz Iglesias (ISCIII) 1+MG WG6 Health economics and outcome research
TBD 1+MG WG7 Use case: Involvement of the private sector
Marco Tartaglia (OPBG), Olaf Riess (TbU) 1+MG WG8 Use case: Rare diseases
Giovanni Tonno (HSR) 1+MG WG9 Use case: Cancer
Andres Metspalu (UT) 1+MG WG10 Use case: Common and complex diseases, incl. pharmacogenomics
Andreas Scherer (Helsinki) 1+MG WG11 Use case: Infectious diseases
André Uitterlinden (Erasmus MC) 1+MG WG12 Use case: Population Genomics

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